Seattle, WA
Compton Design Office

Compton Design Office is a next generation firm focusing on large, complex projects. 

Affectionately called “The Little Big Firm”, we at CDO are a concentrated group of multi-taskers focused on up-front design, conceptualization, and implementation of large scale architecture. 

Based on the “Independent Film Model” of organization, Compton Design Office partners and orchestrates with other, often larger, specialty firms to make a custom fit team for each client’s project specific needs. 

This new organizational approach is made possible by the recent advancements and availability of tools in communication and technology. 

Each member has a broad and unique background allowing them to wear multiple hats within the firm.

We are seeking architects and designers with a large bandwidth of experience, unique creativity, and strong communication skills. At least five years of both large and small firm experience a plus. The desire to work in a small firm culture is a must. 

Someone with a thick skin, fearless, and a diabolical sense of humor would be appreciated. We are an irreverent bunch, but serious minded. Mastery in AutoCAD, Rhino, Sketchup, Illustrator, InDesign, Revit, Keurig, and Pandora a plus. 

We offer competitive compensation in line with larger firms, including premium health care packages, 401k, and vacation time.

Are you looking to grow with an emerging firm which challenges the status quo, emphasizes design thinking and encourages its employees to explore the full extent of their abilities? If so, then take the leap and join our team.

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