San Francisco, CA
Levy Art & Architecture

Levy Art & Architecture is looking for a unique individual with 3-5 years architectural- construction experience.  Our studio is design-centric, focused on contemporary, sustainable architecture. 

We are vertically integrated, so everyone works on projects at all phases.  Specifically, we begin with research and conceptual planning, and carry through budgeting, permissions, construction documentation, engineering coordination, interiors and Construction Contract Administration.  

We expect you to be organized, and efficient.  We expect that you will be skilled in; hand drawing, physical modeling, Autocad, Photoshop, In-design, the “Office” suite, Revit, and Rhino, Maxwell (or other 3d/render Platform).  

Experience and familiarity with hybrid-wood frame construction is critical.  Some demonstrable, real-world experience is required.  Technical knowledge will be supported with in-house mentoring. After an initiation period, you will be primarily in charge of some projects, and work collaboratively on others.  

This is a great opportunity for an intelligent, committed, motivated, collaborator.  Compensation and benefits are competitive.  Please submit your cover letter and CV to 

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Examples of work including: design, rendering, physical modeling, and construction drawings