Lake Tahoe, CA
DeForest Architects

DeForest Architects is inventive, thoughtful, collaborative, and in need of an Architect or Experienced Intern Architect in our Lake Tahoe, CA studio.

Clients have described our process as “inclusive, hands-on, fun, and addictive.” We aim to be innovative not only in what  we design, but in how  we listen, learn, and work together. Learn more about our work and unique client process at

We need architectural production, technical, and project management skills gained from 3 to 7 years’ experience working on challenging projects, including custom residential projects. These skills will be developed under the supervision of our experienced architectural staff. Attention to detail and thoughtfulness are a must, and communication and organizational skills should be second nature. Experience in Adobe Creative Suite and ArchiCAD are a plus and a good sense of humor is a prerequisite.

We seek

idea people who are also capable of contributing to projects from start to finish,

collaborators who share their initiative, inspiration, and enthusiasm,

professionals who combine wide expertise with a spirit of discovery, and

talented designers who are passionate about process and devoted to serving clients. 

As time goes on, there will be opportunities to develop leadership skills in design, client relations, and project management if you and the firm grow as we expect.

DeForest Architects brings people, buildings, and ideas together. If the work we do sounds interesting to you, and you have the experience we’ve described, please email your resume and work samples to We look forward to talking with you. 

How to Apply / Contact

Please email your resume and work samples to We look forward to talking with you.