Falmouth, MA
Jill Neubauer Architects

Jill Neubauer Architects is a twelve person residential architecture firm, located on Cape Cod, in a historic barn building in the town of Falmouth. It is a lively open office with lots of personality & heart.

We are seeking a passionate, engaged, creative addition to our team with drive, a collaborative spirit and exceptional Revit Skills. You will be mentored in the overall practice of architecture.

Each job is unique in style and size. We enjoy cottage remodels and expansive contemporary new builds. We are developing a fresh modular affordable housing line, supporting a regional social need, while redefining the aesthetic of a neglected housing market. We are looking for innovative designer to support this new effort, to work collaboratively with the project manager on developing a catalog of sustainable and economic housing units. In addition, we expect general project support, presentation drawing and rendering capability, curiosity for research. Communication and juggling skills are all requirements.

2 to 5 years of work experience
Degree in Architecture
Mastery of Revit, Adobe Suite

Salary / Health / 401k / Vacation / Family
Growth and opportunity

Contact Information: 
Jill Neubauer