Boston, MA
Anderson Porter Design, Inc.

Anderson Porter Design is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented applicant for the position of Designer / Draftsperson. This position will require an individual with inquisitiveness, analytical rigor and the readiness to assume the necessary responsibility to explore and execute creative work at a high level of performance. 

This position requires an individual who is self-motivated, able to work effectively as a design team member, and willing to participate in all aspects of day-to-day office operations. This position requires a intermediate level of technical ability in project design and modeling, with construction documentation experience detailing at a variety of building types and project phases. 

We seek a core design team member who has the ability to visually and verbally communicate design concepts and objectives; to professionally represent the office with client, contractor and consultant contacts, to contribute energy and enthusiasm complementary to our office and team culture, and demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and the self-directed advancement of all project and office responsibilities. 

Our three main areas of focus are: Cannabis Industry, Sustainable Housing, and Workplace.


3 to 5 years professional experience.
Actively working toward Professional Degree in Architecture
Professional and Academic References

Demonstrated Relevant Experience and Responsibilities:

Demonstrated drafting ability and responsibility on completed multifamily residential projects.
Demonstrated drafting ability and responsibility on completed institutional/commercial projects.
Knowledge of drafting, detailing, and construction methods, as well as office standards and procedures.
Competency in 2D/3D drafting with CAD/BIM software. Demonstrated ability to think and communicate in 3D sketching and/or related digital imaging programs.
Demonstrated ability to manage timely completion of work tasks.
Demonstrated responsibility and success with meeting project deadlines and deliverables.

Send application to:
Brian Anderson, Partner
Dan Anderson, Partner